Snapdragon or Mediatek? Which one is good for you.

Everyday1531531970.jpg we do many tasks in our smartphone like from texting to play games but one thing is still there which is, what’s my phone processor or chipset and is it good enough to to fullfil my day to day requirements? Today I’ll tell you what phone’s processor or chipset is best for you. So let’s start.



Snapdragon processor and chipsets are the best till now. They make best chipset but the prices are always more than any other chipset we see. There’s a long range of them, from 200series to 800 series(for now). If you want to buy a phone which can handle gaming and every other heavy tasks without any problem then you can buy a device enabled with snapdragon 600 series. But you’ll find that they’re a bit more expensive. But they worth the price. We get the best experience of the Android we can get. There are 400 series too which is enough powerful to handle normal day tasks like light gaming, texting, browsing and etc. But if you are a heavy gamer then it is better to go for 600series processor or 800series processor.

Below 400series snapdragon processor won’t be a good pick for you. Just go for a 400series if you are a normal user and does light taskes all day but if you’re a gamer and want a lag free EXPERIENCE so you can go for 600 or 800 series processor.

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Mediatekd5a50aa0-d8bc-4f4e-937d-a18cca83750c is another perfect company which makes very good quality processor or chipsets…

They’re amazing because we can get them at lower price and high performance. Most of the phones I’ve ever used are Mediatek enabled phones and they all work good enough for me and it handels gaming+ day to day normal tasks easily and lag free EXPERIENCE.

Mediatek makes processor from the range of low end entry smartphone chips mtk65XX series to high end flagship phones chips Mediatek HelioX series.  If you’re a heavy user go for Mediatek HelioX series and low power consumers can go for any series of Mediatek except Helio and you’ll be satisfied.

They are mostly cheaper and are mostly in budget Android smartphones. Brands like Xiaomi, Samsung etc sells it in their budget phones which is a good thing. Mediatek and snapdragon doesn’t matter much but it’s always adviced to buy mtk processor if you are budget oriented person but if you all cares about gaming and all heavy tasks and can spend a lot of money than go for snapdragon.

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By, Manav Sehgal.

For more information you can ask me personally on my Facebook ID “Bolt Manav”.



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