Facts about mobile companies you may are not aware of.

There’s a lot of things which we hear from others or read about BIG MOBILE companies but is that enough? Nahh! There’s a lot more to know about. Lets start with the finest mobile brand named 


  • Samsung SCH-100 released in 1996 was the first phone enabled with CDMA technology.

  • Samsung logo has been only changed thrice times.
  • Samsung launched the world’s first watch phone in 1999 Samsung SPH-WP10.


    • The Name MACINTOSH Was Inspired by an Apple.

    • Apple created a Gaming Console which got flopped ‘PIPPIN’.
    • Apple original logo starred SIR ISAAC NEWTON.


    • Motorola invented car radio, pagers and walky talky.
    • Invented the world’s first cellphone too.😎
    • Motorola is owned by Lenovo for now.


    • It is 30 year old company.
    • Lenovo’s old name was LEGEND.
    • They’re not depended on fossil fuels.

    Random facts

    • Nokia 1100 was the best selling mobile. Sold more than 250mn pieces.
    • 1973 was the year when the first phone call was done.
    • 10000 people in Britain drops their mobile phone in the toilet every year.
    • Mobile phone is mostly used for GAMING and Social networking.
    • There are more phones than PC’S
    • 90% mobile phones in Japan are waterproof.
    • Users check their phone more than 110times a day
    • In Egypt window phones are the most popular smartphones.
    • Americans use their phones to check nearby restaurants and bars

    By Manav Sehgal

    For further queries you can comment or ask me on my fb id #BoltManav.

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    Thank you!


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