Best Keyboard for Android

Ever wondered about your phone’s keyboard? Isnt it a important part of your mobile phone? Ofcourse it is. So why don’t you use the best keyboard in the world! Its GOOGLE KEYBOARD.

Yes Google Keyboard is the best keyboard out there in the market right now to choose. It totally gives you the feel of pure material design because its made by Google (ofcourse). It has tons of customization options in the recent updates of this app. Some of em are,

  1. It lets you put your own image in the background of your keyboard which is very cool.
  2. It also provides you many themes to choose from, doesn’t matter jf you want white or black, pink or red, you can pick one from many!
  3. It lets you write with just swiping your finger on it.(specially know as gesture typing) Which seriously helped me a lot. Half of the time writing this article I used gesture feature to type because it’s fantastically fast and very super smart too to predict what are we trying to type.
  4. It has tons of latest funny, sad, joyful emojis in it which makes our chats very funny and interesting as well.
  5. And many more. You should download it right now, Google Keyboard won’t disappoint you. Download it from here ā†’


By- Manav Sehgal

For any query you can comment anytime and I’ll try to reach to you and answer to it as soon as possible. If you liked my article, please share it, it will motivate me to write more for you guys.


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