Is antivirus Necessary for Android Smartphones?

Everybody knows what a virus can do! But do we really need a antivirus to protect our Smartphone(android) from it? I think absolutely NOT.

In android there’s no need of antivirus as it will only drain your battery like hell and will also affect your phone’s performance. An antivirus will just do some basic things to check if your phone is secured or not which is very basic things which we can also do manually(I do too).

It wont scan your device like a super antivirus which will remove every virus from your device because antivirus is not much advance and not upto the mark. Basic steps also won’t secure your device more. So you should, as an advice from my side must have your firmware updated and also download apps and games from playstore as much as you can because there’s very rare chance of getting virus from the playstore.

Virus will come into your phone if someone has inserted it manually by his own into your phone(from internet too) and a antivirus wont be able to protect you from it because virus is too much hard to get detect just by an antivirus app. Viruses are advanced they can even replicate even after deleting all of them and will harm your device without even antivirus knowing about it. So whenever you realize that you got an antivirus in your android you should manually try to remove it. Antivirus will not be able to do it. That’s all! 


By Manav Sehgal

For any queries you can contact me on my fb id #BoltManav or you can comment too and I’ll try to reach to you as soon as possible.


2 thoughts on “Is antivirus Necessary for Android Smartphones?

  1. But there are some shitty apks that enter in the root directory and ruins the phone and puts advertisements every where and they are unistallable.
    How to handle them?

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    1. They dont actually ruins it. They do their work. To remove ad’s you’ll have to use ad blocker which will work after rooting your phone. And if you install apk’s(i mean by games and apps)from playstore you won’t face any problem at all(except ad’s and sometimes ad’s are necessary). You asked me that shitty apks enters and damage your phone so here’s one think you can do is that you must always download the apps from playstore but before downloading check its popularity and its reviews. By seeing reviews you can see if that app is good or bad for your mobile atmosphere. I will also suggest you not to install unverified apps through third party. That’s all, I hope you got your answer:)! And dont forget to share it to keep motivating me to write more! Thanks.


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