How to Run Psp Games in Your Android/Ios

You wanna play some PlayStation Portable games in your mobile? Yeah ofcourse that’s why you’re here right? Im gonna tell you how you can run all of em in just 2-3minutes. 

For running psp games you better use high end Android phone or a mid range will work. But if you’re using a low end device like with just a GB ram and quadcore cpu then I’m sorry you can’t run psp games into your mobile. At least 2gb ram and 1.5Ghz quad core cpu and a good gpu of Aderno or Mali is the minimum requirement to run these games.

First of all you’ll have to download psp games and store the games into your sdcard. 

Then download PPSSPP emulator from android playstore or apple app store because an emulator is the only tool which can run psp games into android or ios OS.

Place those game in some unique name folder so it will be easy to find games later.

After installing ppsspp, open it-choose the folder in which you’d placed those games and tap on the game icon. Here you go. Your game will start by its own and you can play it em now.

I hope now you know how to run psp games into your devices. If you like this post please share or comment below to motivate me. 


By-Manav Sehgal

For any query you can contact me on my facebook id #Boltmanav or on my Gmail account



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